About Tenaska

Tenaska Marketing Ventures (Tenaska) is among the top five natural gas marketers in North America and is ranked first in natural gas pipeline capacity release trading. In 2020, it sold or managed over 10.2 Bcf of natural gas per day, or about 10% of total U.S./Canadian natural gas consumption. As a trusted market leader, Tenaska brings added value and personalized strategies to effectively meet the needs of its customers.

Working within a unique niche in the industry as a private, independent natural gas marketer for 30 years, Tenaska has a customer-focused approach with a seasoned team of energy experts and a long-term commitment to the business.

Tenaska provides supply chain management services, including reliable fuel supply, market and logistical services, asset management and financial services to its customers in an ever-changing market. With deep market knowledge and a physically focused business model, it can efficiently and responsively manage pipeline flows throughout North America in all types of dynamic market conditions.

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