Customer Testimonials


“The City of Duluth gas utility is grateful to be working with such a strong and reliable energy company as Tenaska. Tenaska has been our asset manager for many years. We appreciate their honest and up-front communication style and truly value our relationship with Tenaska.”

Pete Upton, Chief Gas Controller, Department of Public Works & Utilities, The City Of Duluth, Minnesota


“What sets Tenaska apart from other companies is its diverse capabilities, with assets and expertise to move natural gas at good prices in spite of pipeline constraints. Through the availability of storage and/or transportation agreements they own or manage, Tenaska does an excellent job of moving our gas especially on days when there are pipeline issues such as maintenance or force majeure.”

Becky Howell, Manager, Gas Supply, Semgas, L.P.


“Tenaska’s greatest strength is customer service; its representatives treat us like valued customers and are always both helpful and responsive to our needs. Tenaska supplies our nearly 800,000 customers with reliable and competitively priced natural gas.”

Mike Wolcott, Gas Accountant, Gas Supply Administration, National Fuel Distribution Corporation


“Tenaska finds solutions to our midstream gas flow issues and takes the time to understand our business and its unique needs. We can trust them to offer fair prices during challenging times. This is a very important part of our longstanding relationship. They are focused on how they can help us be successful.”

Becky Howell, Manager, Gas Supply, Semgas, L.P.


“We value our trusted partnership with Tenaska. Their representatives understand the needs of our business and provide solutions that are a win-win for all. Tenaska’s expertise allows us to anticipate market changes and make better-informed decisions. They are a true market leader in the natural gas industry.”

Steven A. Villas, President, Hess Trading Corporation And Vice President, Oil & Gas Marketing, Hess Corporation


“Tenaska has helped us adapt to changing market conditions by being creative and transparent with ideas and is willing to think outside the box to create value.”

Bill Gratopp, Vice President, Marketing, NEXUS Gas Transmission


“Count me as one of those customers who appreciates Tenaska’s long-standing industry presence, continuing focus on customers, and establishing as a core principle and foundation that relationships are key to success.”

Bryan Ginsburg, Senior Vice President – Oil & Gas Marketing, Enervest Ltd.


“Tenaska’s longevity indicates that it has a successful business model, good customer relationships and sound management.”

Rick Lancaster, Vice President And Chief Generation Officer, Great River Energy

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